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Eye dropper

Eye dropper

Color Picker will automatically freeze the screen for you so that you can easily select the exact pixel you want to get the color from while not being distracted by moving objects.
Retina support

Retina support

Full support for retina displays and full support for multiple monitors. Also support for mixed setups with mixed retina and standard displays.
Loupe/Zoom-in window


Color Picker will display a zoom-in window/loupe that you can use to select colors with great precision. The window is movable and resizable and you can place it where it is best fit.
Get an efficient color picking workflow


It will be easy for you to get an efficient work flow with Color Picker. By default you get a list of all reformatted formats after picking a color and can chose any of them to copy. If you rather want a specific format you can select it as the default and it will be available in the clipboard immediately after clicking the pixel.
Retina support

In control

While Color Picker is designed to be very lightweight special care has also been taken to keep out of your way when you don't need it. You will be in full control of your color picking and when done it will nicely reside in your menu bar waiting for your next command.
Color Picker has many color formats

24 Color Formats

Regardless if you are a web designer, graphics artist or a developer you will find good use of the features of Color Picker. Basic RGB and HSL formats are included. You can for example get the value sin Hex, percentage and decimal. You can even get named colors when supported. Formatting for various of programming languages is included.
Color formatting options Color Picker Window
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Andy Drizen

Brilliant idea I love being able to set the format and have the colour automatically copy to pasteboard. Thanks for making this.


Simple, fast, effective Nice little app. Simple and fast. Good tool for designers.


Great color picker! Works great, tons of format options, easy to select the format you want, and excellent customer service!


FINALLY! Thank you- it's pretty much perfect. This is the 4th color utility I've purchased, and the first one that actually works.


Thank You!!!! Seriously thank you. So glad I found this today. So frustrated with taking screenshots, pasting into photoshop, selecting the color…..just to grab a hex value. Huge time saver.


Well Done! Exactly what I expect from a great OSX app: 1. It does exactly what it promises to do. 2. It surprised me with innovative new functionaly that expanded my idea of how this tool could be useful to me.